Porsche exhibit extended at NC Museum of Art

RALEIGH, WAKE COUNTY - Some priceless cars will be on display in Raleigh for a couple of weeks longer than expected.

The N.C. Museum of Art said Thursday that its exhibit of Porches will remain open through Feb. 2. The exhibit, titled "Porsche by Design: Seducing Speed," originally was to close Jan. 20.   Among the cars on display are the 1958 Speedster owned by actor Steve McQueen and rock singer Janis Joplin's psychedelically painted 1965 Type 356C Cabriolet.

The museum also has scheduled a "hoods-up" weekend for the public after two members-only events were popular. During the four-day event, visitors will be able to see under the hoods of some cars. That event will be held Jan. 24-Jan. 27.

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