Polls paint opposing pictures of Gov. McCrory's approval ratings

Two different polls paint very different pictures of Gov. Pat McCrory's approval ratings.

A poll released Wednesday by Public Policy Polling, a national polling company, had the governor's approval rating among North Carolina residents at 39%.

His disapproval rating was 51%.

Members of McCrory's camp responded, saying that their polls had the governor's approval rating at 48% with a disapproval rating of only 22%.

Part of the reason for the difference might be in the methods.

The PPP poll surveyed registered voters.

McCrory's camp surveyed only likely voters.

Public Policy Polling President Dean Debnam commented on what the impact of his company's poll might be. "If people start to see him (Gov. McCrory)  as a failed governor," Debnam said, "then the narrative all of a sudden becomes that."

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