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Judge rules against D.C. handgun ban

Bullets, gun magazine

A federal judge ruled that Washington, D.C.'s ban on the carrying of handguns in public is unconstitutional.


Poll: Romney tops Obama but loses to Clinton

Mitt Romney headshot

If a rematch of the 2012 presidential election were held today, GOP nominee Mitt Romney would top President Barack Obama in the popular vote, according to a new national survey.


Sonia Sotomayor sets kids upon Hillary Clinton

Sonia Sotomayor with kids

It was a mad dash to hug Hillary Clinton. Toward the end of an event Friday at the Bronx Children's Museum, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor set dozens of kids upon the former secretary of state, urging them to hug her and other leaders who attended.


Paul: 'Fight for justice' on unfair sentences

Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul is proposing legislation aimed at eliminating criminal sentencing rules that adversely impact minorities, saying that "we need some fresh ideas to combat old and festering problems."


Senior Obama adviser on impeachment: 'I would not discount that possibility'

Dan Pfeiffer

Dan Pfeiffer, a longtime aide and senior adviser to President Barack Obama, told reporters Friday that recent talk of impeaching the President should not be considered a long shot.


Michelle Kwan stars in husband's political ad

Michelle Kwan

U.S. figure skating legend Michelle Kwan has been featured in endorsements for Coca-Cola, Chevrolet and Campbell's Soup.


Tentative deal reached to fund VA fixes

VA Medical Center

The chairmen of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs committees have reached a tentative agreement on a bill to reform the VA health system, aides to each of the men said Sunday, just days before Congress is scheduled to leave on its August recess.


Poll: Majority say no to impeachment, lawsuit

President Obama gives State of the Union address 2013

There's not a lot of public appetite for a Republican push to sue President Barack Obama, or for calls by some conservatives to impeach him, according to a new national survey.


Report: 4 journalists detained in Iran

Iran Flag

Concern is growing for the well-being of four journalists, three of them American citizens, apparently detained in Iran this week, according to The Washington Post.

The newspaper reported Thursday that its Tehran correspondent Jason Rezaian, a U.S. ci...


Obama, Central American leaders meet on immigrant youth

Obama and Central American leaders

Central American leaders signaled to President Barack Obama they're working on a "comprehensive plan" to address the underlying reasons for the surge of immigrant youth from their countries who are entering the United States illegally.


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