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  • Donald Trump in Columbus, Ohio

    Trump goes diplomatic in ejecting protestor

    Donald Trump showed a more diplomatic side Saturday as a protestor was ejected from a spirited rally he held in Florida, where he otherwise minced no words in going after his opponents.

    Speaking in Sarasota, Florida, the Republican presidential candid...

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New Hampshire Union Leader endorses Christie

Chris Christie in Iowa July 2015

Chris Christie's struggling presidential campaign got a much-needed boost Saturday night when the influential New Hampshire Union Leader endorsed the New Jersey governor.


NSA ends bulk phone data collection

NSA, National Security Agency

The U.S. intelligence community on Sunday will cease its bulk collection of telephone metadata.


Donald Trump campaign stop features actual elephant

Donald Trump November 19 2015

While the Donald Trump campaign has been called a circus in the past, this Saturday might have been the only time an actual elephant was on the scene.


Ben Carson in Jordan: 'Great human tragedy'

Ben Carson addresses Republican voters Friday, Nov. 13, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson explained his surprise trip to visit Syrian refugees in Jordan because he said he wanted "to come to see with my own eyes this great human tragedy."


The Obamas reveal holiday reading list

President Obama 11.28.15 Small Business Saturday

As has become a post-holiday tradition, the Obama family visited a local bookstore in Washington to celebrate Small Business Saturday, an American shopping holiday held the day after Black Friday to celebrate and support local businesses.


Shootings draw some calls for gun control

Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shootings

The killings outside a Planned Parenthood in Colorado drew a smattering of calls for gun control from prominent Democrats.


Obama on Colorado: 'Enough is enough'

President Barack Obama

Responding to another high-profile episode of gun violence, President Barack Obama told the American people on Saturday that "we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wieldin...


Political Prediction Market: Cruz closes on Trump

Trump gesticulates

Donald Trump is still the GOP front-runner in opinion polls, but Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has seen a surge on CNN's Political Prediction Market, and is now seen by players as more likely than the billionaire businessman to be the Republican nominee.



Black religious leaders criticize Trump backers

Trump Fort Dodge

More than 100 black religious leaders asked the black pastors reportedly backing Donald Trump to consider his past rhetoric and behavior before announcing their support.

The Trump campaign recently announced that a coalition of 100 black pastors and r...


10 groups Donald Trump offended this fall

Trump hair

Since its launch earlier this year, Donald Trump's campaign has been peppered with controversy about his habit of accidentally -- or at times quite intentionally -- offending entire groups of people.

When he kicked off his campaign in June, Trump off...


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