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  • House of Representatives, Capitol

    Senate control hinges on turnout

    Democrats are heading into next week's election facing tough odds and their chances depend almost entirely on whether they're successful in encouraging women and African-Americans to vote.

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Apology, geography lesson follow debate

Scott Brown

Turns out the "gotcha" moment in Thursday's New Hampshire debate wasn't so clear cut.


New Jersey gov coins term: 'Rancho Christie'

Chris Christie at news conference

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie defended his verbal beat down of a heckler from earlier this week, saying he's not the kind of person to sit back and let people "be rude."


Jenny Sanford has a lot to say about 'Mark'

Jenny Sanford in Ginny Deerin ad

Jenny Sanford, the ex-wife of former Republican South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, is "happy to speak about Mark."


Battle for Congress hits final stretch

Person voting

The battle for control of Congress is entering a final, frantic five-day stretch that favors Republicans but has room for plenty of surprises that could determine which party will run the Senate.


Next generation door-knocking in war for votes in Iowa

Iowa Caucus

The polls are tight, the ads are flooding the airwaves, the harsh rhetoric is rising, and the surrogates are stumping hard all over the state.


8-year-old tells NC Senate candidates to be nice

Kay Hagan

An 8-year-old North Carolina girl is sick of the heated Senate race where more than $100 million has been spent on mostly negative TV ads.


Ebola battle brewing, Obama heads to Maine

Obama Ukraine press conf

When President Barack Obama visited Maine on Thursday, he didn't come within 300 miles of the nurse protesting her state-mandated Ebola quarantine.

But he has inserted himself in the middle of a growing debate between the federal government and state...


Longest-serving Boston mayor, Thomas Menino, dies at 71

Thomas Menino

Thomas Menino, who retired this year as the longest-serving mayor in Boston history, died Thursday morning after a battle with cancer, according to his spokeswoman, Dorothy Joyce. He was 71.

Menino, who presided over the city's highly lauded urban ren...


Michael Jordan trashes president's golfing ability

Obama golfs with Ahmad Rashad former NFL player

NBA legend Michael Jordan trash-talked President Barack Obama's golf game, telling Ahmad Rashad in an interview earlier this week the president is a "sh***y golfer."


Christie to heckler: 'Sit down and shut up'

Chris Christie shut up

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie once again flashed the pugnacious attitude that's made him a gladiator to some and a bully to others on Wednesday, telling a heckler to "sit down and shut up."


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