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  • Elizabeth Warren

    Warren, through lawyer, disavows Ready for Warren

    Elizabeth Warren is not Ready for Warren.

    In a letter to the Federal Election Commission Friday, Warren fully disavowed herself of Ready for Warren, a super PAC with the explicit goal of encouraging the liberal Massachusetts senator to run for preside...

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Webb: One show not enough to fully criticize Clinton's record

Jim Webb

Democrat Jim Webb needs more than one show if you want him to critique Hillary Clinton's record as secretary of state.


Perry's lawyers call cancer research accusation 'red herring'

Texas Gov Rick Perry

Rick Perry's lawyers pushed back against a central accusation by Democrats that the Texas governor's office was being investigated about questionable funding for a cancer research project.


Perry: It's possible ISIS has crossed southern border

Texas Gov Rick Perry

It's a "very real possibility" that individuals with the extremist group ISIS may have crossed into the United States at the southern border, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday, though he added he doesn't have any evidence.

Because the border is inse...


In New Hampshire, Rick Perry says he's getting prepared

Rick Perry glasses

Returning to New Hampshire for the first time since his failed 2012 presidential campaign, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Friday he has learned "some really, really good humbling lessons."

Perhaps the biggest among them, he said, was preparation.

"I don't ...


Romney: Clinton won't be able to distance herself from Obama

Romney in NYC

Mitt Romney feels vindicated by Hillary Clinton.


Reid cracks Asian jokes, apologizes

Harry Reid

Harry Reid, who faulted his 2010 Republican opponent for making an insensitive remark to Asian-Americans, cracked two Asian-themed jokes at a Las Vegas event Thursday.


Ryan gleefully dumps ice water on Romney

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan 2

"It is cold." That's what Mitt Romney said, letting out a slight chuckle after his former running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan, dumped a bucket of ice water on his head.


Hagel: ISIS 'beyond anything we have seen'

Iraq air strikes car destroyed

America's top defense officials left open the possibility of targeting ISIS fighters in Syria, saying during a news briefing Thursday that it was not enough to just hit the extremist group in Iraq.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Gen. Martin Dempse...


N.H. Poll: Brown, Shaheen statistically tied

Scott Brown

Republican Scott Brown appears to be closing the gap in his U.S. Senate race against Democratic incumbent Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire, according to a new survey released Thursday.


Judge strikes Florida's same-sex marriage ban

Court generic

Gay and lesbian rights advocates continued their undefeated run Thursday when a federal judge ruled Florida's same-sex marriage ban to be unconstitutional -- though he didn't go so far to allow such marriages as to take place right away.


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