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  • Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush

    Rubio, Bush start to take the gloves off

    The budding tension between the two Floridians running for president escalated on Tuesday as Marco Rubio defended his Senate record amid new attacks by Jeb Bush.

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Fiorina takes on the Washington Post

Fiorina CPAC

Carly Fiorina unleashed a concerted attack on The Washington Post this week, charging the paper with repeatedly getting its facts wrong and possessing a liberal bias that she says has unfairly tilted coverage against her.

On Monday, hours after The P...


Kasich explains hotel maid comment

Kasich debate 1

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Tuesday that opponents had distorted his comment about a tip for a hotel maid and explained he was trying to illustrate the importance of slowing down and valuing every person.

Kasich's comment at a California golf club las...


Clinton dismisses reinstating Glass-Steagall

Hillary Clinton 3 3 15

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday dismissed the idea of reinstating a Depression-era banking law that has found champions in two of her Democratic opponents, setting up what will likely be a flashpoint in next week's Democratic primary debate.

Asked by a vot...


5 times Clinton broke from Obama

Clinton Facebook

Hillary Clinton insists on the campaign trail that she's her own woman -- and in recent weeks, she's really tried to prove it.

The former secretary of state has broken from her vocal support of President Barack Obama's policies on several high-profile...


Rubio leaves light footprint on Capitol Hill

Rubio drinks water

He's missing more votes than almost all of his colleagues, does little to build relationships with fellow lawmakers and hasn't earned a single endorsement for his presidential campaign from a fellow senator.

Marco Rubio's polling may be improving -- b...


Political Prediction Market: Marco Rubio leads

Rubio Bush Trump

A new GOP candidate is leading the Republican pack this week's CNN Political Prediction Market -- Marco Rubio.

For the first time, the Florida senator's odds are higher than former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's and businessman Donald Trump's. Rubio stands w...


Workers expressed concern over handling Clinton email server

Ron Johnson

Employees at the company that maintained Hillary Clinton's private email server expressed concern among themselves about the way the former secretary of state's team directed them to manage data backups after the FBI started looking into the arrangem...


Drudge admonishes Clinton, the media, Americans

Matt Drudge 2

Conservative media entrepreneur Matt Drudge gave a rare public interview Tuesday in which he lashed out at Hillary Clinton, mainstream media and the uniformity of American culture in the digital age.

The exchange provided a glimpse into the mi...


Senate OKs defense bill despite veto threat

Afghanistan soldiers

A giant defense bill that breaks budget caps to give extra funding for the military cleared a key procedural hurdle Tuesday despite facing a presidential veto threat and initial uncertainty it would have enough votes to pass.


Clinton sent GOP 2016ers copies of her book

Hillary Clinton, Hard Choices

Hillary Clinton sent nearly every Republican presidential candidate a copy of her recent memoir "Hard Choices" earlier this month, as well as a personalized letter, a spokesman said Tuesday.

Clinton joked about the gag, telling an audience here that s...


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