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  • Chris Christie on Election Day

    Poll: Christie, Paul, Bush are top Republicans

    A new survey indicates Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. Rand Paul and former Gov. Jeb Bush would all fare about the same in a potential presidential matchup against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

National Headlines

Chelsea Clinton pregnant with first child

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton announced Thursday that she is expecting her first child.

The only daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton made the announcement while sharing the stage with her mother at a women's event...


Obama would cut deficits by another $1 trillion

Obama, 7-19-2013

The official nonpartisan take on President Barack Obama's 2015 budget proposal is in: He would curb deficits even more than today's policies.


Beau Biden plans to run for governor in Delaware

Beau and Joe Biden

Beau Biden said Thursday he won't seek re-election this year as Delaware attorney general and plans instead to run for governor in 2016.


'Guys' trip' raises questions about Obama's '16 choice

Obama, Biden

The selfie. The "guys' trip." An endorsement? Not quite.


'Pals': Biden, Obama make selfie time

Obama, Biden selfie

Let the selfies continue. Vice President Joe Biden posted his first selfie late Wednesday, hours after launching his Instagram account.


Obama, Biden announce millions for job training

Obama Biden jobs near Pittsburgh

Hoping to help close the gap between workers' skills and the needs of businesses, President Barack Obama on Wednesday announced he's putting hundreds of millions toward job training programs that produce highly skilled workers.


Judge overturns North Dakota abortion law

Abortion rights, anti-abortion supporters

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that North Dakota's abortion law, considered one of the most restrictive in the nation, is unconstitutional.


2014 midterms: What's at stake

US Capitol

Their approval rating is horrendous. They rarely get along or get anything done. So here's your chance to do something about it.

With the entire House of Representatives and more than a third of the Senate up for election in November, there's a lot at...


Will Chelsea Clinton go into the family business?

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton is once again keeping the door open to a possible run for office in the future.


Has Aung San Suu Kyi lost her voice?

Aung San Suu Kyi, Obama

Having endured nearly 15 years of house arrest with grace and courage, Aung San Suu Kyi has earned a reputation throughout the world as a political superstar of rare moral stature.

But for some, mostly from outside the country but also from within, t...


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