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  • Confederate Battle Flag

    South Carolina lawmakers vote to remove flag

    Will the Confederate flag be history in South Carolina?

    After an impassioned discussion Monday, a bill that would remove the Confederate flag from statehouse grounds was approved by state lawmakers in a 37-3 Senate vote.

    The bill -- which is scheduled ...

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Obama on ISIS: 'This is a long-term campaign'

Obama on ISIL

President Barack Obama offered an update on the military mission against ISIS on Monday, emphasizing the long-term nature of the effort and the importance of local forces and stable governments as keys to stopping the terror group's rise.


Obama seeks to expand legacy abroad

President Barack Obama

For President Barack Obama, the risky road to history now runs through Iran and Cuba.


Greece keeps banks shut as Europe tightens the strings

Greece ATM with note

Greek banks will stay shut for another two days to avoid running out of cash, piling the pressure on the country to find a way to restart bailout talks with Europe.


The Greek 2 minutes

no to austerity greece

If you're just catching up to it, here are the latest developments -- and what you need to know. Last updated: July 6, 3:10 pm ET (7:10 pm GMT).

1) Greeks voted "No" by a big margin - it was a vote against Europe's latest bailout offer.

2) Global mar...


Greece: How did it get into this mess?

Greeks go to the polls Sunday

Greece's affair with the euro began with the grandest of hopes. The country approved the euro in 2001, in time to be among the first countries to use the new currency.


Deadline looms for Iran nuclear talks

Final Iran nuclear deal hanging in balance

The deadline for a final deal on Iran's nuclear program is looming, and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says tough decisions will need to be made soon.

Kerry was negotiating with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif through the weekend in...


Romney: Trump's immigration comments hurting GOP

Mitt Romney Jan

Mitt Romney said Saturday that Donald Trump's comments on Mexico and undocumented immigrants have hurt the Republican Party, making the 2012 presidential nominee the latest Republican to slam the billionaire over his controversial remarks.

Romney made...


Trump's lawyer: NBC in 'breach' on Miss Universe contract

Donald Trump Miss Universe

Donald Trump "will be taking action against NBC" in an arbitration that both sides have agreed to, his top attorney says. The attorney, Alan Garten, accused NBC of violating the terms of a contract with the Miss Universe Organization, which Trump and NBCUniversal jointly own.


Cruz campaign announces fundraising haul

Ted Cruz at Capitol Hill June 4, 2015 in Washington, DC.

Ted Cruz's presidential campaign said Sunday it had raised about $10 million in the second quarter. The sum is fueled by small-dollar donors, they said.


Chris Christie's New Hampshire marathon

Chris Christie campaigning in NH

When Chris Christie arrived at his first campaign event in Sandown, New Hampshire, on Tuesday, the day he announced his presidential candidacy, there might as well have been a "New Hampshire-or-Bust" bumper sticker under the New Jersey plate.



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