Police: Woman drives car into water with baby in backseat

Suspect charged with attempted capital murder

Video of woman driving vehicle into bayou (Credit: Matt Guzman)

GALVESTON, TEXAS - Police said they have charged a woman with attempted capital murder for driving her vehicle into a bayou while her baby was in the backseat.

Police in Gaveston, Texas, said LaTonya Kirven was trying to drown her 6-month-old son by driving her vehicle into Offatts Bayou on Monday.

The incident was caught on video. (click on the player above to watch).

"She has a baby, she has a baby! Hold the baby up! He's underwater, underwater," a witness shouted in the video. "Hold him up, hold him up! Hey, don't worry about yourself, worry about your baby, your baby, your baby! The baby is underwater."

Nearby fishermen jumped into the water and rescued the infant, who was not hurt.

In addition to attempted capital murder, Kirven has also been charged with driving while intoxicated with a child in the vehicle and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She is being held on a $410,000 bond.

According to ABC affiliate KTRK, it all started when Kirven's silver Pontiac hit another vehicle parked outside a home. A man inside that residence then came out and argued with Kirven, police said.

But Kirven ran that man over and drove away from the scene, investigators told KTRK.

Police said they received reports a few minutes later that a car was in the Offatts Bayou. Witnesses not only rescued Kirven's baby, but also tried to save Kirven too, police said. But she fought them and refused help, according to investigators.

Once officers arrived on scene, they went into the water and pulled Kirven to shore. She was "experiencing severe signs of intoxication," police told KTRK.

At last check, the man who Kirven allegedly ran over was in critical condition, KTRK reports.

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