Police unveil tool to help solve break-ins

Police unveil tool to help solve break-ins (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - New Bern Police have unveiled a new program to help solve break-ins.

It relies on citizens creating an online catalog of their valuables, at a website called ReportIt.

Citizens list electronics, jewelry, or other valuable items, along with serial numbers; pictures can be posted of up to 25 items.

Should a break-in occur, the victim could go to the ReportIt website, print his or her list of valuables, and provide the list to investigators.

"Pictures help tremendously, especially when it comes to jewelry," said New Bern Police Detective Adam Sneeden.

No one can access the list of valuables except the person who creates the list.

The list would also be useful for insurance claims in the event of a fire or flood, Sneeden said.

The service is free.

It was made available to New Bern citizens after the police department began participating in an online pawn shop catalog system.

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