Deputies have now arrested two suspects accused of shooting a father in front of his four young children in Pitt County.

According to the Pitt County Sheriff's Office, deputies arrested 21-year-old Rashad Barnes (pictured left) near his home north of Farmville Thursday. He and 21-year-old James Taylor Jr. face the same felony charges of robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiring to commit robbery with dangerous weapon, assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill, and first-degree kidnapping.

Barnes is being held under a $175,000 bond and Taylor is being jailed under a $200,000 bond, according to the Pitt County Detention Center.

Investigators said Barnes and Taylor were among four men who robbed and shot 28-year-old Donovan Flores in the leg on California Street north of Farmville. It happened at about 8:45 p.m. on Jan. 3.

Flores' four children, all younger than 6, were present at the time, deputies said. They were not hurt.

Investigators said it all started when Flores and his four kids met with four black males at the Hustle Mart on Highway 121 in Farmville to buy a piece of equipment.

Flores then followed the suspects to California Road. But instead of showing Flores the promised goods, the suspects robbed him of cash and shot him in the back of his leg, said deputies.

Flores was able to drive his four children back to the Hustle Mart to call for help, according to deputies. The victim was taken to Vidant Medical Center, where he was treated and released.

Anyone with information on the remaining suspects is asked to call the Pitt County Sheriff's Office at 252-902-2800 or the 24-hour dispatch center at 252-830-4141.


Deputies are searching for several suspects involved in a shooting in Pitt County.

According to the Pitt County Sheriff's Office, Donovan Flores was shot in the leg on California Street in Farmville.

The incident happened around 8:45 Friday night.

Donovan Flores was on his way to pick up his dog with his four kids, when he got a call from a man who said an item he wanted to buy was ready.

Investigators said Flores -- along with his four children who are all under 6 years old -- was meeting four black men to buy a piece of equipment. They met at the Hustle Mart on Highway 121. Pitt County Sheriff Officials stress the incident is not drug related.

Flores said the men told him they couldn't give the equipment to him at the Hustle Mart because of cameras.  Flores said since he had already met the men a couple times he decided to go with them.

Deputies said the family followed the four men to California Street. Instead of producing the promised equipment, police said the suspects robbed Flores of an undisclosed amount of cash and then shot him in the back of his leg.

Flores speaks little English. NewsChannel 12's Juliana Valencia is a native Spanish speaker and was able to translate.

"Another person came out of the car and came behind and started taking my stuff. He took my wallet. He took my money. He threw my wallet on the ground and after he took everything he went into the car. I went to grab my wallet and that's when I heard the gunfire," Flores said.

Flores said the bullet hit the ground and shards of it hit his legs. After he was hurt, Flores said he ran to his car to check on his kids.  He said the four children did not realize the men had shot their dad.

"Thank God it didn't happen to more people. I felt bad. I wanted to cry because they could have robbed my car with all my kids," Flores said.

Investigators tell NewsChannel 12 Flores was able to drive himself and his children to back to the Hustle Mart for help.

Police are actively searching for the suspects involved.