Police search for couple accused of stealing $10K dinosaur replica

Surveillance video of dinosaur theft (Credit: NCDPS)

RALEIGH, WAKE COUNTY - Police say they are asking for the public's help to find a couple who stole a dinosaur replica worth $10,000 from a Raleigh museum.

According to State Capitol Police, the male and female suspects were caught on camera Monday stealing a model of a baby Edmontosaurus, a duck-billed dinosaur, from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

Police said the young couple passed through the Prehistoric North Carolina exhibit while other visitors were in the area. The suspects returned three minutes later. That was when the male jumped the exhibit barrier, picked up the dinosaur replica, climbed out, and put the model in a large multicolored purse being carried by the female, the surveillance video shows.

(CLICK on the video player above to watch the full surveillance video.)

Investigators said the male suspect is believed to be in his 20s, has light brown hair, and is about 5-foot-7. He was wearing a dark gray t-shirt, white shorts with gray or green horizontal-stripes, and black and white sneakers.

The female, also believed to be in her 20s, has brown hair, is about 5-foot-6, and was wearing a pink shirt, blue shorts and ankle-high boots, police said.

Investigators said the stolen baby Edmontosaurus replica is about 12 to 14 inches long and is worth about $10,000.

Police added that the man and woman are also suspects in a similar offense on the same day at the Museum of History. The property value in that case is less than $1,000.

Anyone with information on the two suspects is asked to call the State Capitol Police at 919-733-3333.

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