Police: Repeat offender robs pharmacy, fights officer

BEAUFORT, CARTERET COUNTY - Police in Carteret County said a man seeking pain pills robbed a CVS pharmacy Friday night.

The Beaufort Police Chief said that when police found the suspect, 34-year-old Jeffrey Kevin Hunnings, near the scene, Hunnings tried to run over an officer.

The robbery happened at the CVS on the 1500 block of Live Oak Street in Beaufort, police said.

Hunnings walked into the location at approximately 10:30 p.m., with his hand in his pocket, making it look like he was armed, authorities said.

Hunnings demanded Oxycontin, a powerful pain drug, police said.

Hunnings has a Hollis Drive address in Blounts Creek in southern Beaufort County.

After Hunnings allegedly fought with the officer who caught him, the officer subdued him until backup arrived, police said.

Hunnings allegedly took several of the pills between the robbery and the time of his apprehension. 

Hunnings was out on bond at the time of the robbery after being charged with the robbery of a pharmacy in Pitt County in 2012.  

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