Police Offer Reward For Info. In Armed Robbery

Police Offer Reward For Info. In Armed Robbery

PINK HILL - Pink Hill Police are offering a $1,000.00 reward for information leading to an arrest in an armed robbery case.

Police said 68-year-old Mary Wall was robbed at gunpoint outside her home in Pink Hill. She was approached by a man with a long gun in her driveway. He pointed the gun at her and demanded her purse.

The woman fell down while trying to avoid the man, and that's when he snatched the purse from under her and ran away.

Family thinks he came from behind the shed, where he may have been waiting to break into the home.

Wall had just returned home from her grandson's birthday party when the robbery happened.

"Everybody visited and she left to come home," Bonita Meeks, Wall's daughter, said.  "I said call me when you get home and the next call we got was from the police department."

Chief Joey Thigpen said this serious of a crime is rare in the small town of Pink Hill.

"It's a quiet town," he said. "We do have some minor crimes, but this is up the scale. This is a serious crime.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Pink Hill Police Department.

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