Police: Morehead City school, area evacuated after gas leak

Morehead City Primary School forced to evacuate after a gas leak

CARTERET COUNTY - A gas leak in Carteret County leads to the evacuation of several residents and a school. 

The leak was reported after lunch on Monday, near Swinson Park and Country Club Road in Morehead City.

Police said that a contractor damaged a gas line beneath pavement near Swinson Park, causing the leak.

Officials said the leak found its way to the surface and immediately became a danger for nearby residents.

More than 700 Students and faculty from Morehead City Primary School were moved to West Carteret High School as a precaution.

Residents in five nearby homes were also evacuated.

Morehead City Fire Chief Jamie Fulk said when they realized there was a leak; the first plan of action was to get everyone out of harm's way.

"The school was in between the leak and the highway and we knew immediately that gas was traveling some distance, and that's when we made a decision to evacuate the school," said Chief Fulk.

He said contractors will work through the night to install the new gas line.

Carteret County Superintendent Dan Novey said he hopes to return to normal schedule on Tuesday.

"We have the thumbs up and will hopefully get this squared away, and we'll have heat in our boilers and it will be a nice warm day tomorrow," said Novey.

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