Police: Man on the run after stealing $12 in business break-in

Police: Man on the run after stealing $12 in business break-in

ROBERSONVILLE, MARTIN COUNTY - A surveillance camera caught a man breaking into a Martin County business, but police say the wanted suspect only got away with $12.

According to Capt. Phillip Lee of the Robersonville Police Department, 27-year-old Dale Maurice Williams broke into Robersonville Ice & Coal at 202 E. Rail Road St. Officers responded at about 6 a.m. Friday.

But Williams, of Robersonville, was only able to steal a roll of quarters and some change-- a total value of $12, Capt. Lee said.

Capt. Lee said the surveillance video gave William's identity away.

"Well we recognized him as someone who was local in the area that has been in trouble before," Capt. Lee said.

The suspect is believed to be on the run in the Greenville area, said Capt. Lee.

"We received some information from a fairly reliable source that told me he is being held or hidden in Greenville by some of his associates so he can avoid detection," Capt. Lee said.

The North Carolina Department of Corrections website shows Williams has been convicted of several break-ins along with other felony charges in North Carolina.

Captain Lee said police are taking extra precautions to prevent other break-ins.

"Anytime there are break-ins I think that should heighten our awareness with the police department and our community," Capt. Lee said.

Anyone with information on the suspect is asked to call the Robersonville Police Department at 252-508-0312 or Martin County Crime Stoppers at 252-792-8800.

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