Police: Man mistakes brother for intruder, shoots and kills him

WILMINGTON - Police say a man shot and killed who he thought was an intruder, but it turned out to be his own brother.
Wilmington Police were called to the shooting just before one o'clock Friday morning.  A 65-year-old man told them he heard someone breaking the glass on his front door.  They say the man grabbed his gun and went downstairs to investigate.
The homeowner says he could see the glass on the door was broken.  He told police when he opened the door, someone lunged at him with a spiked object.  The man fired one round at close range, hitting the intruder in the chest.  When he turned on the porch light, he realized the victim was his 63-year-old brother.
The younger brother was taken to the hospital where he later died.  Police are not releasing the shooter or the victim's identities at this time.

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