A 37-year-old man is arrested in connection with a break-in at a non-profit Mental Health facility in Craven County.

New Bern Police officials said they arrested Earnest Conway around 4:00 Sunday morning, at the PORT Human Services building on Tatum Dr.

Employees at PORT Human Services told NewsChannel 12 this is the second time the building has been broken into in two weeks.

Stacey Rhodes is the supervisor at PORT Human Services. She said nothing was taken this time but on July 12th another break-in happened and a little over $100 was stolen.

"They were able to make off with a little bit of money not much, we don't keep much here," she said.  

It all started when hospital police across the street at Carolina East were patrolling the area and spotted something out of the ordinary.

Rhodes said the suspect smashed in the front door of the building with a tire iron. She said the same door was destroyed when the first break-in happened and was just recently repaired. She said after the first incident she made sure the facility wasn't fooled twice.

"We made some changes and this time it worked, he was unable to get anything," she said.

Conway is charged with breaking and entering and could possibly face more charges.