Police: Man breaks into apartment, hides in bed

0802 bedtime bandit video

GREENVILLE - At about 1:25 am Greenville Police responded to the report of a burglary in progress at the Province Apartment complex. Two female victims reported that a man was banging on the door and attempting to gain entry through a window.

One of the girls escaped from the ground floor apartment through another window, while the other girl locked herself in a bathroom.

Stephanie Gordy said she was terrified as she watched the suspect walk throughout the apartment from the bottom of the floor.

"Oh I was freaking out. I was like if the police don't come in here right now. I was so scared they weren't going to show up," she said.

She said she could also hear him going through the kitchen.

"He had pulled out chicken wings out of the fridge like leftover wings and a bottle of wine and bottle of liquor out of the freezer," Gordy said.

Greenville Police and East Carolina University Police Officers surrounded the apartment building and then GPD officers entered the apartment. The officers evacuated Gordy from the bathroom and then they searched the apartment for the suspect.

Officers found 22 year old Derrick Greene hiding in a bedroom. He appeared to be pretending to be asleep when the officers located him.

"[He was] pretending that he lived there so [my roommate] was kinda freaked out that he was in her bed," Gordy said.

Greene was arrested and charged with First Degree Burglary, and Damage to Property. He was jailed under a $500,000 secured bond.

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