Police make arrest for alleged theft scheme

PITT COUNTY - Greenville Police arrested a man in connection to several fraud cases.

Olanitan Michael Olaniyi was arrested Tuesday after a three month investigation by the Greenville Police Department. Olaniyi is a Nigerian national and legal resident of the United States.

According to police this case involved "work from home schemes." In these cases, the victims receive merchandise purchased online from local businesses like Best Buy, Walmart , Home Depot and Sears. The victims of the scam do not know the items have been purchased with stolen credit cards. The victims then combine and repackage the items and ship them to different places across the country.

In other cases, victims are told "the love of their life" needs immediate cash to save a family members life or escape a repressive regime.

The suspect in these scams always instructs that the cash to be sent to Western Union or other wire services that can be received anywhere in the world, according to police.

During the arrest, police recovered nearly $20,000 in property, including computers, flat screen televisions and other electronics.

The investigation is still under way. More charges are expected. Olaniyi being held at the Pitt County Detention Center under a $1,000,000 secured bond.

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