Police: Jealous ex-boyfriend tries to catch apartment on fire

Police: Jealous ex-boyfriend tries to catch apartment on fire

MOREHEAD CITY - A Carteret County man was arrested Saturday for allegedly trying to set an apartment his ex-girlfriend was in on fire.

Police said 32-year-old Justin Joyner was arrested Saturday and charged with arson and burglary for setting an apartment on fire on October 27. Police said it happened at 1:30 a.m. at an apartment complex off Mayberry Loop Road in Morehead City. The fire started on a plant just inside the apartment by a window. Police said Joyner cut the screen to the window and lit the plant on fire. The fire spread to the drapes around the windows.

Four people were inside the home at the time. Amanda Russell, Alison Swindell and her boyfriend, and another man. Russell and the man were in the living room and noticed the drapes on fire. It was quickly put out. Police said Joyner is Russell's ex-boyfriend and that they broke up less than a week before the alleged arson.

Russell said Joyner is dangerous.

"He's got the mentality of someone who would actually hurt somebody bad," Russell said.

Police investigated the fire for a week before making the arrest. Police said they used state of the art technology and detective work to put together their case.

"Everything fell right into place, the domestic being the cause of the break up, him being jealous," Morehead City Police detective Nat Festerman said, "It all started lining up. We just went step by step."

Russell said Joyner confessed to her that he set the apartment on fire.

"I hope. We've got the confession and like I said, nobody around here will have his back," Russell said about convicting Joyner.

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