Police: "Jacksonville Snitches" page shut down

Facebook page called "Jacksonville Snitches" causing concerns

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - A Facebook page that calls out alleged "snitches" has been shut down, Jacksonville Police Media Liaison Beth Purcell said Wednesday.

The page, created on Monday, claimed to reveal people who are accused of being "snitches"- those who go to police with information about a crime. Photos and information of the accused "snitches" were posted on the Facebook page, allowing others to comment on what they've allegedly done.

A concerned parent NewsChannel 12 talked to, Michelle Campbell, said if someone is doing something wrong in her community, she would go straight to the police.

"I think they're putting people's lives in danger because what if you put wrong information on there and someone gets hurt?" said Campbell.      

Susan Hasse said she feels the same way.

"If you have a problem with someone, then you need to go to that person and talk to them about it instead of putting it out for everyone to see." said Hasse.

"[The page is] actually promoting crime, promoting punishment and taking the law into their own hands by putting that page up," said Curtis Speller, a gang and behavior specialist. "I see in my own personal program, kids love the Facebook network and they put a lot of stuff on there that comes back and bites them and haunts them."

The creator of the page sent NewsChannel 12 a statement Wednesday morning. The anonymous administrator of "Jacksonville Snitches" stated, "This group is about people that are found that are telling on others in order to gain a personal freedom... The information on our page is already out here for the community to view. We just placed it on Facebook for easier access and free of charge. We are not a threat to anyone."

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