Police investigate ATM break-in on PCC campus

WINTERVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Police said they are searching for whoever broke into an ATM on the campus of Pitt Community College.

According to PCC Police Chief Jay Shingleton, the burglar(s) broke through a door leading into the cafeteria of the Goess Building at about 4:30 a.m. Wednesday. The burglar(s) then broke into the ATM and stole an unknown amount of money, Shingleton said.

No arrests have been made. Police are looking into the security footage, said Shingleton.

Shingleton said this is the first time an ATM has been broken into on the PCC campus.

Last year, burglars broke into the Humber Building and stole 15 laptops, Shingleton said. Three arrests were made in that case.

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