Police: Fake cop busted at MUMFEST

Police: Fake cop arrested in New Bern (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

NEW BERN - Actual police officers busted a fake cop during MUMFEST in New Bern, according to New Bern Police.

Hayden James Whitfield, 19, was at the festival impersonating a police officer, police said.

Whitfield was wearing a tactical vest, had a gun in a holster, and had a stolen fire department radio, according to police.

New Bern officers staffing the festival on Saturday asked Whitfield what he was doing.

He allegedly told them he is a police officer.

Police discovered Whitfield is not, and never has been, a police officer.

Investigators arrested him.

It is illegal to impersonate a law enforcement officer in North Carolina.

Whitfield's neighbors told a reporter that Whitfield wears a fire department hat and reflective "sheriff" coat around his New Bern apartment complex.

Whitfield stole the fire department radio from a fire truck at the Number 9 Township 9 Volunteer Fire Department in Craven County, authorities said.

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