ORIENTAL, PAMLICO COUNTY - Police in Oriental want drivers to slow down. Chief Dwaine Moore says ever since the Wal Mart on Highway 55 opened less than a month ago he's noticed a lot more congestion and speeding. In the last month the number of speeding citation's he's written in that area has doubled.

"You have to pay attention to the signs and be cognitive of your surroundings. We want to prevent accidents from occurring before they occur," said Moore.

On Highway 55 just outside of Oriental the speed limit is 55 miles per hour. As you get closer to town there are three signs reminding drivers the speed limit has changed to 45 miles per hour. By the time time you reach the new Wal Mart the speed limit drops to 35 miles per hour but Chief Moore says people aren't slowing down.

"If it's 55 they're doing 65 and sometimes I've even seen 70 and even though they're coming into the town of Oriental there still in that trance and it takes them awhile to adjust," said Moore.

In Oriental, in addition to cars many move about town on their bikes or in golf carts. There are also a lot of joggers and walkers. Chief Moore is concerned about the safety of visitors and residents like Karen Frank who shops at the Wal Mart Express regularly.

"The way this parking lot is configured it is hard to see as you come in and out. People just kind of speed right up to the edge and that is dangerous," said Frank.

Chief Moore says the town is in very early talks with the Department of Transportation about making possible changes to the roadway. Traffic data is currently being gathered and will continue for some time. In the meantime, Moore says drivers need to pay closer attention and adjust their speed quicker.