Police chief chases down alleged armed robber

Police chief chases down alleged armed robber

BEULAVILLE, DUPLIN COUNTY - A Duplin County police chief chases down a suspected armed robber.

Beulaville Police Chief Joey Carter says Ory Lane Batchelor of Richlands, robbed the Beulaville Pharmacy on Crossover Rd. in Beulaville around 4:00 p.m. Tuesday.

The suspect walked inside with a mask, gloves and a gun, Chief Carter said. Investigators say 13 people were inside the pharmacy at the time.

Chief Carter says Batchelor demanded oxycodone and percoset. When the suspect walked out the front door of the store, Carter chased him down and arrested him on the scene.

Chief Carter tells us the suspect is facing a number of charges including robbery with a dangerous weapon, felony larceny, trafficking opium or heroine, possession with intent to sell or manufacture a scheduled 2 controlled substance, resisting a public officer, entering a premiss wearing a mask or hood disguise, and armed to terror the public.

Batchelor is being held at the Duplin County Jail.  His bond has been set at 250, 000 dollars.

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