Police bust counterfeiting trio in ENC

Police bust counterfeiting trio in ENC

MAYSVILLE - The Maysville Police Department, along with the U.S. Secret Service, bust three men accused of making counterfeit money.  Officers say the two-month investigation wrapped up Thursday with the arrests of two suspects and a third in the Camp Lejeune Brig.

The suspects each face 54 felony charges of Forgery, Possession of Counterfeit Goods, Conspiracy to Obtain Property by False Pretense, Obtaining Property by False Pretense, Possession SCH II Narcotics, PWISMD SCH II Narcotics, and Manufacturing SCH II Narcotics.

Maysville Police say U.S. Marine Corporal Andrew P. Campbell, 22, was the mastermind behind the counterfeiting.  Campbell is a member of 8th Engineer Support Battalion at Camp Lejeune.  Police say Zack Horne, 18, and Allen Simpson, 19, both of Maysville, were arrested for making fake twenty dollar bills and passing them all over eastern North Carolina and as far south as Georgia and Florida.

Investigators say the trio used scanner printers to scan and print the counterfeit money.  They would then allegedly go to local small businesses, convenience stores and fast food chains and buy a soda or something else low in price to get real money in exchange. 

"When they told me they wanted change for two twenty dollar bills, I thought that was strange," Highway 55 employee, Kaitlyn Hannah said.

Hannah was working at the restaurant in Maysville when the men tried to pass the fake cash of there. She said they pulled up to the drive-thru window, ordered two sweet teas and asked for change. Hannah did not accept the fake cash.

"I saw them messing with the money and I touched it and it felt like plastic," she said.

Maysville Police and the U.S. Secret Service acted on tips from local businesses to get video footage and statements which lead them to the trio.

Officers say Andrew Campbell is in the Marine Corps Brig at Camp Lejeune on other charges pending from the Marine Corps, then will be released into the custody of civilian authorities to face his charges in civilian court.  Allen Simpson is out on $44,000 bond and Zack Horne remains at the Jones County Jail under $48,000 bond.

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