Police: Aunt-nephew dispute leads to injured officers, 7 arrests

Police: Aunt-nephew dispute leads to injured officers, 7 arrests

AYDEN, PITT COUNTY - A dispute between an aunt and a nephew led to a brawl that injured several law enforcement officers and seven arrests, said investigators.

Ayden Police said Maurice Greene (2nd row, 2nd from left) was involved in a dispute with his aunt, Larlie Dixon (2nd row, 3rd from left) on Lee Road Wednesday night. When officers tried to  restrain Greene, the suspect allegedly punched the officer in the forehead, causing a bloody wound. "He just, he got a lucky punch in," said Ayden Police Chief Barry Stanley.

"He always talking like he gonna do something to somebody, but now he out there looking sad with a swolled, cut up eye," said Delquan Farrow while speaking about the officer. Farrow is one of the family members who was arrested.

Another officer suffered a shoulder injury, according to Ayden Police.

"When I walked up on the scene [Wednesday] night and I saw an officer with blood running down his face, I was infuriated," said Stanley.

The family said Greene was just defending himself because the officers had no business being on their property. "I didn't assault them, not first. They assaulted me," said Greene.

Greene and Dixon were arrested at about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday. Five other family members were also arrested because they allegedly threatened to fight the police officers. The suspects were identified as Kaysaun Dixon, Daniel Greene, Delquan Farrow, Ray Maxwell and Jermaine Roberson.

When the seven suspects were taken to the Ayden Police Department, about 40 of their friends showed up, ready to fight, investigators said. Police then called in the Highway Patrol for backup, and that was when a trooper was struck in the head, according to authorities.

The suspects were charged with inciting a riot and resisting a public officer, said police. They denied the allegations and said they may take legal action.

Officials said the family is one of the worst in Ayden. Investigators said they believe the family is responsible for several shootings in town.

Greene was taken into custody again on Thursday while Newschannel 12 was on scene.

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