Police: Armed robber gets in victim's car, steals $17 and goes to McDonald's

Investigators: Suspect still at large

Police: Armed robber gets in victim's car, steals $17 and goes to McDonald's

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Police said they are looking for an armed robber who forced a victim to drive to McDonald's, then stole $17 from the victim to buy a meal.

According to investigators, the victim, who ECU identified as a student, was waiting in her car at the intersection of Charles Boulevard and Greenville Boulevard on Saturday. That was when the female robber, armed with a knife, entered the victim's vehicle and forced her to drive to the McDonald's restaurant, located at Cotanche Street and E. 10th Street, police said.

Investigators said the robber then stole $17 from the victim and ran out of the car. Surveillance video shows the suspect entering the McDonald's to buy a meal.

"It makes me feel more sorry for her than me, " said the victim. "Cause it kind of ridiculous to try to go through all that just to get McDonald's. I would've just given her the money if he would have asked."

According to the victim, the suspect is a woman with a small butterfly tattoo on her right hand.

"That butterfly tattoo," said the victim. "Cause that was the hand she was holding the knife with . It was probably about that big right there. Green and purple, very faded that was the one thing I payed very close attention to the entire time"

Anyone with information on the suspects whereabouts is asked to call Greenville Police at 252-329-4315.

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