Plymouth residents urge councilwoman to resign

Residents urge councilwoman to resign (Reporter: Michael Hennessey)

PLYMOUTH, WASHINGTON CO. - Plymouth council members met Monday night for the first time since councilwoman Aneka Gibson was arrested last Thursday.

Gibson never showed, but concerned residents certainly did. Many of them were calling for Gibson to submit her resignation.

This comes after Gibson was charged with DWI and numerous other offenses. Troopers say Gibson was driving her truck when she hit a 14 year old girl, proceeded to take off and registered a blood alcohol content of .27 an hour after the accident.

Roy Hines, President of the Concerned Citizens Group, said "it's embarrassing for the council, town council to be uh, partaking in this situation."

Plymouth Mayor Brian Roth told Newschannel 12 council members will not take action unless Gibson is convicted. "I know they can't just ask her to step down," said Hines, "but I wish she would do it on her own."

Some people in town think she needs to make a statement. "She need to be writin', goin' on TV herself and apologizing to the people," said Plymouth Resident Valerie Freeman.

Others are more forgiving. "I feel that what happened was a mistake to be honest," said Karol Sanders of Plymouth, "she might was intoxicated but she's a sweet woman, she's nice. I feel like she deserve a second chance."

We went to Gibson's house in an attempt to speak with her the day after the alleged incident but there was no answer. We knocked on her door again Tuesday, with the same result.

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