Plea deal taken in Malloy murder

Eric Holloway admits his guilt in court

Plea deal taken in Malloy murder

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - A plea deal has been taken in connection to the murder of 59-year-old Clayton Malloy Sr., which happened in 2010.

26-year-old Eric Holloway admitted his guilt in court on Tuesday. Police said Holloway shot and killed Malloy Sr. on September 18th, 2010. They said Malloy Sr.'s son, Clayton Malloy Jr., towed Holloway's Buick from an apartment complex in Greenville because it was illegally parked.

Officials said Holloway was alerted to his car being towed by friends early that morning. They said he was under the influence of alcohol at the time. Holloway's lawyer said he was so inebriated that he did not realize he was not wearing pants, or underwear, when he went to investigate his car being loaded on the wrecker.

Malloy Jr. said he dropped off the car at his family's business, Clay's Wrecker Service in Greenville. He said he left, but his father stayed at the business because he was expecting Holloway to come get his car. "Eight and a half to nine minutes later I came to find there he is at the gates, and that's when I proceeded to call 9-1-1, the police department, my mother and everybody," said Malloy Jr.

Malloy Jr. said he originally thought his father had been hit by a car, because Holloway's Buick was missing. Malloy Sr. was taken to the hospital, where he died. Officials say he had been shot in the arm, and the bullet traveled into his abdomen.

Holloway smiled in court as he admitted his guilt.

He was sentenced to 258 to 319 months in prison for second degree murder. That equals anywhere from 21 and a half to 26 years. The maximum he could have been sentenced to was 39 and a third years in prison.

Assistant District Attorney Anthony Futrell said had the case gone to trial, the jury could have looked at the evidence and decided to give Holloway a lesser sentence. "They could have come back on second degree, or come back with something less. So that was one of the factors that we considered," he said.

Malloy's family declined to speak to us on camera, but Futrell said he believes they're okay with the decision.

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