Plans Unsure For Restaurant Destroyed In Fire

Plans Unsure For Restaurant Destroyed In Fire

NEW BERN - Owners of Le Bistro Fine Dining and Art Gallery in New Bern are still cleaning up from a fire that destroyed the building last month.

"I've received many ‘thinking of you' cards, both home and here, which I thought was nice," owner Stacia Harris-Reid said.

The business was destroyed during a fire last month. New Bern city officials said discarded smoking materials in the back of the building caused the fire.

Harris-Reid was the only person in the building when the fire happened.

"I could smell a really foul smell, like burning," she said. "I kind of panicked because I thought something was burning, but I couldn't see anything."

The roof of the building collapsed while fire fighters tried to stop the fire from spreading. Fire officials saved what they could of the artwork and other items in the building, but the building is a total loss.

"Everything in the hallway is gone," Harris-Reid said. "We had several shaping dishes in there that are all melted to cabinets and things like that."

The business has continued its catering service since the fire happened, but plans to rebuild are still unclear.

"We just haven't come to grips with it because we don't know what's going on."

Harris-Reid said the insurance company is taking inventory of the building to find out what can be saved. She said after that process is complete, she and her husband will look into options for the business.

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