Plans for Swansboro's first heritage center

Plans for Swansboro's first heritage center

SWANSBORO, CARTERET COUNTY - The Town of Swansboro recently agreed to work with the Swansboro Historical Preservation Association to create its first heritage museum. Volunteers of the association will be working to turn the old town hall into a museum.

Historical Association Board Director Bob Shuller said this is a center the town's needed for years.

"Our biggest market is questions from tourists. To tell them something about the town, the age of the town, and so forth. Even the most basic information is not readily available," Shuller said.

The museum will house historical artifacts dating back to the town's establishment in 1783. Most items have been passed down through families for several generations. The center will also have interactive digital displays as well as room for lectures.

The town would fund operation costs for at least the first three years of the project. The association's president Joan Gerdsen said the museum wouldn't be able to exist without the support and funding from the town.

"We're looking forward to opening the doors and welcoming tourists, children, and especially the local people that have wanted to see what the town is like," Gerdsen said.

Right now, the association is working on getting the building ready to house the artifacts. The group hopes to open by next year, just in time for Swansboro's Historical Homes Tour next April.

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