Planned landfill facility raises concerns

Planned landfill facility raises concerns

MAYSVILLE, JONES COUNTY - Some people in Jones County are raising a stink about a planned landfill facility.

"It's environmentally safe and environmental friendly," said Maysville Town Manager, Jonathan Franklin. "I support this landfill coming."

But not everyone agrees.

At a public hearing on Tuesday night, officials from the state and the town talked with residents about their concerns.

Lois Simpson was among the concerned.

"When we were first told about this proposal three years ago, we were told it was going to be a recycling center," Simpson said. "They told us to not even use the word landfill, but now they are using it."

Simpson, like others who took the time to voice their concerns, feels mislead.

"I just don't think it's right," Simpson said.

Schumata Brown, a member of the Maysville Town Board, is supportive of this landfill facility because of what it's going to bring to the area.

"People need jobs out here, and good paying jobs," Brown said. "This facility is going to bring 30 jobs to the area."

Brown also says the town will gain 8.4 million dollars from having the landfill. He says they will use this money to build up the city, primarily the roads and buildings.

When NewsChannel 12 asked town officials about risks concerning air and water contamination, officials told us they have addressed every negative risk associated with building a landfill and are confident it won't be a health risk to the public.

The next step that will need to be taken is to have the permit to build the facility officially approved by the state. The facility would be taking demolition and construction waste from Jones, Craven, Carteret, Onslow, Duplin and Lenoir counties. Town officials say after it is approved, they plan to start building the facility in 2014.

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