Plan on a mild Thursday with a fabulous weekend ahead

EASTERN N.C. - Today temperatures will clock in around the low 60's all across eastern Carolina, that's a good 8-10 degrees above average for this time of year. But the warmth wont stop there.

Our weather pattern over the next few days will help to stream in warm tropical air, which should boost our day time highs to near- record levels. Usually our daytime temperatures are capped at about 54 degrees. Saturday through Monday, we have the potential of soaring to 74 degrees.

Warm streaks like this in January are common here in eastern Carolina. A handful of 70 degree days are expected as we kick off the year. However, this year's warm looks to be longer and a bit warmer compared to the previous few years. And this is by no means the end of winter.

Typically, these January warm-ups are followed by cool downs that can last through March.  Continue to follow StormTrack 12 Meteorologists for any alert to a change in our weather pattern. 

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