Pitt-Greenville CrimeStoppers turns 30

Pitt-Greenville CrimeStoppers turns 30 (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - It's the 30th anniversary of Pitt-Greenville CrimeStoppers.  The county is celebrating during the week of September 22-28, 2013 through different events hoping to raise more money.

Lt. Kip Gaskins credits crimestoppers with providing the key tips that solved certain high profile cases.

"[We solved] the triple homicide in Farmville [through crimestoppers]. We got over 100 tips and we were able to solve that case," Gaskins said.

However, that's not the only success story for crimestoppers

"We solve cases all the time drugs, break-ins. We're successful with campus crimestoppers.  We're solving cases every day," he said.

The group doesn't rely on taxpayer money.

"We raise private funds to reward those who give information that leads to an arrest or recovery of stolen property or drugs," Gaskins said.

One of the reasons they are so successful is because callers won't be identified.

"We've gone 30 years without anyone being caught so I think our record speaks for itself," he said.

The Sheriff's Office said that all the extra eyes and ears on the street make their job easier. It was one crucial call that helped solve the recent hit and run death case of Austin Baeza, which gave his family the closure they needed.

"Well that tip solved the case. I mean one call helped that case and put us in the right direction," Gaskins said.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to donations to keep the program running.

"The overall goal is to raise money to continue crimestoppers for another 30 years," Gaskins said.

On Thursday, law enforcement teams will participate in the crimestoppers annual golf tournament. Sheriff Neil Elks has challenged Greenville Police Chief Hassan Aden to a NASCAR-style golf cart race.

If you would like to donate money to the group head to the website:

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