Pitt County Sheriff's Office conducts child support roundup

Pitt County Sheriff's Office conducts child support roundup (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - It's called Operation Support Your Child: "Take Charge" and it's an effort to collect overdue child support from non-custodial parents in Pitt County.

The Pitt County Sheriff's Office started the operation on Mother's Day and it will run through Father's Day on June 16.

Deputies will be hitting the streets day and night looking for delinquent parents who owe child support.

"We'll go to different addresses and check different things and try to take all efforts to get these papers served," Lt. Willie Hyman said.

As of Wednesday afternoon, at least eight people had been arrested.

 NewsChannel 12 talked with Lt. Hyman about the difficulty of tracking down the people they are looking for.

"Some of em' use some measures to get away, some of em' will try to get money and get into compliance and some are just going to duck and dodge," Hyman said.

Delinquent parents are taken to jail after they're arrested. Deputies said they can't get out until they pay a certain amount of money determined by a judge. They then go on a payment plan until all the money they owe is collected.

In 2012, deputies said the county collected more than $12 million dollars in overdue child support. According to deputies, they brought it more than 100 delinquent parents during that time.

PCSO said in a statement they will be relying on the help of the public by posting non-custodial parents with outstanding warrants on the digital billboard located at the intersection of Highway 11/Memorial Drive and Davenport Farm Road.

Also, to see an an online gallery picturing all current persons in Pitt County wanted for child support, click below:

Note: This site is updated daily, both as arrests are made and as new warrants are received.

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