Pitt County schools dropout rates at all-time low

Crime and suspensions also down

Pitt County schools dropout rate at all-time low

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Pitt County School officials announced that their dropout rates are at an all-time low. In addition, they have seen a decrease in crime at school and suspensions.

This is according to the 2012-13 Consolidated Data Report presented to the State Board of Education.

"Pitt County Schools is doing great things. We're working hard to keep our kids in school, our kids are staying in school," said Dr. Pokie Noland, Pitt County School's Director of Student Services.

Officials say the dropout rate was lowered to 2.78 percent, down from almost five percent in 2010.

"It's very important, so that they can get a degree and they can work smart, not hard, for the rest of their lives," said Debbie Dixon, who has one child in high school.

Short-term suspensions, which are ten days or less, dropped from almost 8 thousand, to just over 7 thousand. Long term suspensions were almost cut in half.

Reportable crimes are down as well, from 260 to about 170. Of those, 16 were criminal acts. 9 of which were considered violent and dangerous.

"It's all about the teachers and a great staff. And Pitt County's finally getting the message. I think it's great," said Suzanne Robbins, who will have two children in high school next year. "Give public high school a chance. I'm going to."

However, some parents say they don't believe the report is fully accurate. That, they say, is because they hear what really goes on straight from their kids.

"He comes home and tells me there has been, um, they had to get in lockers today, to look through lockers because the kids are dealing drugs," said Dixon.

The state dropout rate is also the lowest ever, at 2.45 percent.

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