Pitt County house fire displaces 11, including children

Pitt County house fire displaces 11, including children

WINTERVILLE, PITT COUNTY - A Pitt County house fire displaced 11 people, including five children, Wednesday evening.

The fire happened at a home on the 2500 block of Mill Street in Winterville just before 4:45 p.m. Wednesday, crews on scene said.

Jessie Daniels said he was sitting in his family room when the fire started.

"My fiancee went back there first and said 'fire, fire.' And then I went back there and when I went back there I went in the kitchen to get some water to put it out but consumed the whole back room. The glass broke and there was fire everywhere," Daniels said.

"Something really bad happened last night and it catch on fire and I lost everything I had," 11-year-old Camaya Pugh said.

"Everything was just burning everywhere. And it was just so much of a blessing that we got out alive really," Daniels said.

Daniels said they didn't have time to save anything and the children lost all their Christmas presents.

"I'm so hurt for them because they can't go to school because they ain't got no clothes and I just feel so bad for them," he said.

Red Cross is helping the family out with a place to stay for now, but in a few days Daniels doesn't know where they will go.

"We're just living day by day. We don't know what tomorrow is gonna bring. So, we're just hoping through God, He will make a way for us," Daniels said.

"I pray to God we can find a new house and the family can stay together," Pugh said.

Officials said the home didn't have any heat and the family was using a dozen or so space heaters to keep the house warm; however, firefighters don't know if the space heaters are to blame for the fire.

They are still searching for the exact cause of the fire at this time. They do know it started in the back of the home.

The home is considered a total loss.

If you would like to donate to the family, you are asked to contact the Red Cross in Greenville.

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