Pitt County Homeowner interrupts home break-in

Pitt County Homeowner interrupts home break-in

PITT COUNTY - When a family of six left for their day on Friday morning, they didn't realize they would be returning to their home with many of their items missing.

On Friday morning theĀ  home of the Violante family was broken into on Thomas Langston road in Pitt County.

The mother of the home walked into the house around 10 in the morning, and noticed that her home had been disturbed. The closets had been rummaged through, the drawers open and items were missing. She looked out her back window and saw her television sitting in the backyard.

The mother of the home believed she interrupted the break-in, and that the thieves were returning for the television.

The mother rushed out the home, and called 911.

Some of the things missing included jewelry, cash and other personal items.

Pitt County Deputies responded to the scene, bringing a K-9 unit with them. Investigators checked for fingerprints on the television, and searched the premises for evidence. They are still searching for the person(s) responsible.

The family says they are thankful nobody was in the house at the time of the break-in.

"My first thought was, is my family okay," said one family member who lives in the house.

If you have any information on the break-in, you're asked to contact the Pitt County Sheriff's office.

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