Pitt County expands open enrollment program

Northwest Elementary School added to the list

Pitt county schools expand open enrollment

GREENVILE, PITT COUNTY - The Pitt County Board of Education added another school to its open enrollment program.

Northwest Elementary School joined Bethel Elementary School, Ayden Middle School, and Ayden-Grifton , Farmville Central and North Pitt High Schools as open enrollment schools.

Northwest Elementary was added because it was about 200 students below capacity, said Marsha McLawhorn, the public information officer of the Pitt County Board of Education.

"It's making huge academic gains, and so we want people to have the opportunity to go to Northwest for that reason," McLawhorn said.

Any Pitt County student, not currently in an open enrollment school, can transfer to one.

Ron Butler, the athletic director for the Pitt County Board of Education, commented on the eligibility of transfer student athletes, saying, "as long as they are correctly approved to be there, then there's no eligibility issue."

In 2012, D.H. Conley High School junior Maleek Gorham transferred from J.H. Rose High School. He was later found ineligible for athletic activity and received a 365-day suspension from playing sports.

"Any time you do give documentation to attend a school, it has to be accurate information," Butler said. "And when your parent or parents claim to be domicile somewhere, that's where they have to be domiciled."

"There should be no headaches as long as all the paperwork is done, and they go through the policy legally," McLawhorn said.

Students will be able to apply for open enrollment from April 1  to July 1. The paperwork and details will be available on the Pitt County Board of Education's website by April.

Students eligible for open enrollment will be required to provide their own transportation.

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