Pitt County district attorney set to leave job

Pitt County district attorney set to leave job (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

District Attorney Clark Everett is retiring Thursday after 32 years of service with the Pitt County DA's office.

"It just seemed to be a good time. Obviously you don't want to wait for people to tell you to leave. You want to leave on your own terms and I felt like based on everything it was a good time to retire," Everett said.

Governor Pat McCrory appointed Kimberly Robb as the new district attorney for Pitt County. Robb has been an assistant district attorney since 1991.

"It all happened so quickly that I'm not really sure it has sunk in completely yet," Robb said.

"This is a stressful job and it's certainly not a job that you get a lot of sunshine. There's a lot of cloudy days up here," Everett said.

However, it's a job the pair has tackled together for more than a decade.

"I guess we just have this relationship. He's like a big brother to me. You know the best part about this office is the people that work here. And a lot of times we deflect the stress of our job with humor and banter and that will be what I miss the most," Robb said.   

"There's a lot of cases that come across our desk and in every one there's a controversy obviously. Most people do not have good feelings about the court system because in every case someone loses," Everett said.

Everett is stepping down before the highly publicized Farmville triple murder case goes to trial.

"But anytime you leave there's going to be something out there. There's no time when there's not going to be a case," Everett said.

"I am confident that the people that we have in this office are capable of handing anything we have before us. Now certainly if I can manage to convince Clark to come back and help us with those terrible cases then it will be a wonderful thing," Robb said.

For his part, Everett said he isn't sure what he will do after he steps down. He said he would be happy to help out with the cases if he is called upon to do so.

Robb will be sworn into office in the superior courtroom of the Pitt County Courthouse on Friday at 8 a.m.

She will hold the DA position until she has to run for office in 2014.

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