Pitt County Board Votes Against Grant for Boys & Girls Club

AYDEN - The Pitt County Board of Commissioners voted 7 to 2 Monday to deny a grant that would have aided the Ayden Boys and Girls Club with its utility bills.

Commissioner Glen Webb said he believed the board voted against the $11,000 grant to avoid setting a precedent for funding all non-profit organizations.

Jay Faron with the Boys and Girls Club of Pitt County said the town of Ayden used to assist the club with paying utility bills before the organization moved out of an old high school in 2010. The $22,000 a year expense is new to the organization, and the Ayden Board of Commissioners voted on a proposal to split the costs Monday night.

Faron said although the Ayden club site is already behind in its fundraising goal of $30,000, it will continue to look for donations elsewhere and does not intend on closing its doors.

"We projected that we would have a shortfall this year, organization-wide, as the Ayden club as well as an individual unit, so we are working to try to make sure we can cover those deficits," Faron said. "If we can't pay our bills, yes we'll have to close but I don't want people to think it's going to happen tomorrow or the next day. We are just trying to make people aware that we don't have an unlimited amount of money."

The Ayden Boys and Girls Club has about 80 students enrolled during the summer and 125 during the school year.

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