Pitt County announces new DSS director

PITT COUNTY - After months of searching, there's now a new Department of Social Services director in Pitt County.

Jan Elliot has been chosen to fill the position out of a pool of about 30 applicants.

Pitt County Manager Scott Elliot said he is excited about the new hire because of Elliot's prior experiences working in social services.

Elliot had previously served as the regional director of social services for the N.C. Division of Social Services. She also held the director's position in Person and Scotland Counties, and currently serves on two aging work groups at the local and regional levels.

"After conducting a thorough search for Pitt County's next DSS director, the DSS Board has selected an individual who has a wealth of experience as both a former DSS director as well as a regional DSS consultant for the Division of Social Services within the Department of Health and Human Services," said Elliot.

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