Pit Bull picked up by animal control after attacking another dog

Pit Bull picked up by animal control after attacking another dog

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - Two New Bern dog owners are without their pets after a deadly encounter.

A Pit Bull in the Sellhorn Heights neighborhood darted out of its front yard and attacked a Puggle that was on a walk with its owner, witnesses said.

The Pit Bull started biting the Puggle and shook it by its neck, said witnesses. The Puggle later died as a result of its injuries. The Pit Bull was later picked up by a New Bern Police Department Animal Control officer, and will most likely be put down, animal control said.

We spoke to both of the owners about what happened.

The owner of the Pit Bull is Charles Webb. His dog, Cookie, often plays outside of the home but is guarded by an electric fence. On the day of the deadly encounter, Webb says the dog darted through the fence to attack the Puggle. He doesn't understand why Cookie was provoked to do so.

"I just hope people don't view me as a bad person," Webb said. "Because I've never raised my hand to the dog. I have never trained her to be violent. Basically the neighborhood has turned against me and I don't blame them because the dog did something horrible."

Webb was issued a city ordinance citation, for violating New Bern's leash laws. He will have to appear in court come August to deal with the charge. Webb says he was advised to turn the dog over to animal control, after officials deemed the dog "vicious" and "dangerous."

New Bern Police tell us that since 2008, they have responded to that area five times related to dog complaints--and the Pit Bull's owners confirms he's the person people have been complaining about.

The owner of the Puggle, Ashley Gollahon, says her dog Brutus will be missed. Brutus was 2-years-old at the time of his death. Gollahon says the family bought the dog when they moved to North Carolina. Gollahon's husband is a marine who is stationed at Cherry Point.

"Brutus was right there with me through the whole deployment and he was the one I relied on to put a smile on my face to get me through the day and it's hard knowing that he'll [my husband] be deployed next month and I won't have Brutus," Gollahon said. "He was just a little Puggle, he was just 20 pounds, he was the dog that everyone wanted."

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