Phone Saves Woman's Life

0904 Trent Court

NEW BERN - A few days ago the alarming sounds of gunfire rang throughout Fleet Street in New Bern. Dorcas Berry was positioning her recliner to watch TV, and then her phone rang.

"I went back over here to answer to get the phone and by the time I could get over here to pick the phone up that's when the bullet went through the window," Berry said.

Three bullets hit her home, two made it inside.

"They found one bullet laying right here where that powder burn is," said Berry as she pointed to her floor.

The other went into the wall behind her recliner, ripping through a picture of her granddaughter.

"I just don't like the fact bullets flying through my window," she said.

A fourth bullet was found in the unit next to hers.

The windows of William's car and another neighbor's van were busted out.

"Glass was in the front seat of the car and on the outside on the ground," said Berry's husband William.

According to Berry's husband this all started from a neighborhood brawl.

New Bern police have not been able to charge any one because they're having a hard time getting witnesses to come forward.

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