Pet the animals, wash your hands, stay healthy

E.Coli bacteria can be found in animal feces

Pet the animals, wash your hands, stay healthy

CRAVEN COUNTY - Obie Kirkman and his daughter, Leela Baggett, take care of 100 animals on a 400-acre farm.  It's called Kirkman Farm and it is a working and educational farm.

"So many people are 4-5 generations removed from a farm.  So they're not familiar with farm life," said Baggett.

Houdini and Spike are cute goats, but not always the cleanest.  The e.coli bacteria can be found in animal feces which sometimes gets on their fur and ends up on visitors hands. Kirkman Farm takes preventative measures.

"We point out hand washing stations.  We have signs that say please wash your hands to prevent e.coli," said Baggett.

If you're going to feed and animal you are going to touch an animal, that's why the farm works with its visitors to keep everyone safe and healthy.

"We allow them to use what they're most comfortable with.  Some people just like to use the hand sanitizer.  Some like to use soap and water.  Some like to use both," said Baggett.

Baggett also says some groups come prepared.

"Teachers come with hand sanitizers in one hand and wipes in the other to make sure the children's hands are kept clean.  Parents do the same thing," said Baggett.

For more than three decades, Kirkman Farm has been keeping their visitors safe and their ducks in a row.

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