Permanent street closure comes to Kinston

Wednesday is the last day for people to use a section of a popular street in Kinston

KINSTON, LENOIR COUNTY - Wednesday is the last day for people to use a section of a popular street in Kinston.

A section of College Street, a road that runs between two neighborhoods, is closing permanently. The section closing is where the road meets the railroad track, at the intersection.

People in the area use this section of the street to get back to their homes. But starting Thursday, they will have to use another route.

The city said they are doing this because of safety concerns with the intersection. Officials say the road is steep and cars have issues getting over the road.

"We have had tractor tailors and bigger vehicles get stuck on this crossing, because it's elevated above the roads on each side.," said Assistant Public Services Director, Steve Miller.  "That's the biggest concern, that something could get hung up and when a train came it could hit a car or a truck on top of that crossing."

Miller says the city has been planning to do something about this intersection since 2011. That's when the city had a public hearing to take into account the surrounding areas' concerns.

Miller says the agreement to close the section of College Street was a joint decision with other organizations. The city consulted with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, North Carolina Railroad and Norfolk Southern Corporation.

Miller says with the help of these organizations, the city has received 250, 000 for the closure. Miller says the money will be used for other street construction projects in the area.

One of those projects will be making the road that runs parallel to College Street, a two way road instead of the one way road that exist now. Miller says this will be a way for people to have options in their driving routes.

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