People turn to faith after CT shooting

People turn to faith after CT shooting

NEW BERN - People all over are turning to faith to help cope with last week's shooting tragedy in Connecticut.

Religious leaders in the area said services have been busier than normal, and they're using prayer to help people cope with the tragedy.

"In the midst of a tragedy, we've learned to come closer together, embrace the word and pray like never before," Pastor Jace Cox of Clinton Chapel in New Bern, said.

Dozens of people attended a vigil at the church Friday to honor the victims.

"At times like this, it definitely pulls me closer to God because I have nothing else to pull from," Clinton Chapel member, Indira Blackwell, said.

Other churches in the area, including St.  Paul's Catholic Church in New Bern, dedicated prayers to the victims during weekend masses.

"I spoke about Sandy Hook Elementary School as a case in proof that Christ can come for us at any time," Deacon Dr. Mike Mahoney, of St. Paul's said.

A candlelight vigil for the victims will be held Tuesday at 6:00 at the Pitt County Courthouse. The vigil is sponsored by the Pitt County NAACP Chapter.

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