Pedestrians Safety Plan Approved in Greenville

Greenville Pedestrian Safety Project

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - The Greenville City Council and the NCDOT are working together to make improvements to 15 intersections throughout the city in hopes of making them safer for pedestrians.

Mayor Allen Thomas says he receives complaints from residents who find some intersections dangerous.

"Greenville is far behind in terms of taking care of our walking pedestrian traffic," said Mayor Thomas.

The plan costs $750,000 and will be covered by state and federal funds.

Mayor Thomas explained just how those 15 intersections were chosen.

"They were chosen because of the amount of traffic in the area through these intersections and also where pedestrians are more likely to cross based on need," said Thomas.

The design phase of the project is already moving forward. Construction is set to begin next in Spring 2015.

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