Pastor: Thieves take thousand of dollars in instruments

Pastor: Thieves take thousand of dollars in instruments

BRIDGETON - A Craven County church is down thousands of dollars worth of instruments after burglars break in and take almost all of the string instruments.

Deputies think it happened sometime between Sunday night and Tuesday morning at the Bridgeton Pentecostal Holiness Church.

It's unclear how many people were involved in the theft, but a banjo, two guitars, a mandolin, a bass, a dobro and a piece of audio equipment were all taken. However, the cases for those instruments were left untouched in the church.

The suspects broke in by prying open a back door with a screw driver according to the church's pastor. Reverend Kenneth Dixon bought many of the instruments himself.

"All my life that's what we've used the music for," said Dixon. "we've always used it to lift up the lord and revivals, things of that nature."

Craven County deputies said the investigation is on going and any help fromt he public would be appreciated.

NewsChannel12 is choosing not to release the estimated value of the instruments since no suspects have been arrested.

"We just want the people who did it to be saved and to know the lord," Dixon said.

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