Pastor dances on roof because of challenge met

1118 pastor on roof

Craven County - Jonathan Behler mad a big challenge to his small congregation, if they manged to raise over 60 boxes for Operation Christmas Child, he would give his Sunday sermon on the roof of Cherry Branch Community Church.

The church stuffed over 80 shoe boxes. Each one contained Christmas presents for children across the globe.

The entire assembly of the Havelock church braved the wind and rain to see that challenge met. Behler slipped on his tennis shoes and climbed a big yellow ladder to the top of the church. From there, a fitting sermon centered around a New Testament story about a paralytic man being dropped down to Jesus through a roof.

The group of 40 waited till after the sermon for the grand finale. Since the church body had managed to donate 84 boxes, Behler strutted his stuff.

The entire church joined in for a complete chorus of "Father Abraham", and despite the slick roof, Behler enthusiastically performed the corresponding dance moves.

Pastor Behler says

Behler's wife, Marla Behler says the "sermon on the roof" offer was a bigger sacrifice than some might think.

"He's actually scared of heights so for him to get up there and do that has been a great thing," said Marla Behler.

Congregation members were thrilled with the challenge, and the dance routine. The church has participated in Operation Christmas Child for over ten years, but this is the first time the pastor has offered such a provocative challenge.

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