Parents: School didn't tell us that sex offender was on school grounds

Parents: School didn't tell us that sex offender was on school grounds

HAVELOCK, CRAVEN COUNTY - Not knowing is the worst part for several parents at Roger Bell Elementary School in Havelock.

They were not told that a registered sex offender, convicted of a sex offense against a 7-year-old child, had allegedly been at the elementary school on Fontana Boulevard.

David Earl Spell Jr., 38, was at the school on February 25, according to Havelock Police.

His ankle monitor pinged the location, alerting his probation officer, who notified Havelock Police.

After an investigation, authorities arrested Spell Saturday at his Carteret County home.

He is due in court Tuesday.

A NewsChannel 12 reporter was the first to alert several Roger Bell parents to the incident.

"My kid is 8 years old and goes to that school, it's horrible [not to know]," said Melissa Schmidt, whose son is in 2nd grade at the school.

A Craven County Schools spokesperson said parents were not notified due to the ongoing investigation, but will now be told of the incident.

The district released a statement which said, in part, "[The suspect] was in the automobile of [a] student's parent, picking up [that parent's] child and never entered into the school building."

Chris Bell, who was walking his son home from Roger Bell Monday afternoon, would prefer to have been told sooner.

"It would have been nice to know," Bell said.

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